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Social Norms: “The implicit or explicit rules a group has for the acceptable behaviors, values, and beliefs of its members” (Aronson, Wilson & Akert, 2007, p. 239).


Princesses and Super Heroes


Application: In this clip, this little girl is in a toy store and begins to question why girls are limited to only liking princesses, and not super heroes, when they like both. She states in clip :50 that some girls like super heroes, and some girls like princesses, and ii clips :55 -:57 that some boys like super heroes, and some girls like princesses. She questions in clips 1:00 why is pink only for girls, and not for boys, and why it is ok for boys to like different colors though 1:09. This would not apply to social norms because she is challenging the social norms of gender provided to us though what we observe in society, and what has been engrained to us growing up.

Big Bang Theory


Application: In this clip from the Big Bang Theory Sheldon attempts to 'train' Penny, the neighbor, so that she fits in with him and his co-workers. Penny's actions do fit in with the social norms of his group and therefore he attempts to train her in hopes of having her adjust to his social norms.



Application Groups have certain expectations as to how group members should behave. In the video and example of a social norm was demonstrated with the hand shake some group members were doing. In some members a certain hand shake would be considered an acceptable behavior and group members often conform to those behavior.Thus the so called special hand shake was the implicit behavior demonstrated by its members.

Mean Girls


Application: In this video, Gina is asked to leave the table because she broke one of the groups rules "Wearing sweatpants on Monday". In this example Gina is not following the groups rules she is then considered a deviant member of the group. Which in result is punished and rejected by her friends, when they ask her to leave the table for not following the groups rules.

Social norms

"The implicit or explicit rule sof a group has for acceptable behaviors, values,and beliefs of its members" (Aronson, Wilson, & Akert, 2007, p.239)


Application: In this video clip of the movie Finding Nemo, we see fish getting scared of a treasure chest. Conversely, a little yellow fish gets extremely excited and even waits near a the chest to see the bubbles come out. Other fish at different times either keep swimming away after giving a hasty look while others swim by criticizing his behavior. On .40, the yellow fish in the fish tank is violating the social norm (in this case the acceptable behavior in the fish tank) that other fish abide to.

Parks and Recreation: Apparel


Application: Start clip at 0:00 and watch through 1:12. In this clip, Leslie is looking through her wardrobe in order to determine what she will wear for her live interview. Her staff members discourage her from wearing a hat because it does not fit the social norms. Her main advisor is more concerned about her going through her interview while the other two staff members encourage her behavior. This is a good example because in the end she does not wear the outfit she wants to wear because it would be against acceptable rules about values and behaviors.


Example: (Aronson, Wilson & Akert, 2007, p. 239)

Application: In the textbook, the example shared for this term is about teenagers on a train. They hop on a train to pretend that they are surfing. Unfortunately, many suffer injuries or die from falling off these trains. This trend among teenagers seems to come from influence itself regardless of the consequences. Most of them do this activity so they can be accepted among others because they would not like to be considered as "deviant or different".

Fetal Duck Eggs

Example Application. Anthony tried a fetal duck egg in Vietnam, it is a social norm for Vietnamese culture to eat it as a between meals snack. Any american like Anthony would find it unusual to eat a duck embryo.

Planking Craze


Application: Recently, there has been culture groups that this sort of trend called "planking". Many of these have a social norm that many would follow as a popular trend. Even if many of these individuals get in trouble with authorities they still end up doing it. Many plank on top of houses and really risky places where you may get hurt. The social norm would be that you want to have acceptance and have fun doing it. This culture groups have certain expectations about what to follow and norms to look " cool ". Members that don't do the trend are maybe seen as stuck up.

Baseball locker rooms going beer-free


Application: The explicit rules has been set for the group. Alcohol has been banned from the clubhouse. A rule that all members of the team must conform to.

Breaking social norms


Application: The people in this clip are breaking acceptable behaviors such as touching and taking away others food and being extremely loud in a computer lab.Standing to close to someone and invading their space is not an acceptable social norm for many people because it makes them feel uncomfotable.

Personal Space


Application: it is customary that people have a sense of personal space and that most respect others personal space by not invading it. social norms have modeled the way people respect each others personal space. by not sitting or standing so close to a stranger. the people in this video feel uncomfortable and either move away or have a puzzling look when their personal space has been violate.

Elevator Etiquette


Application: There is no written rule that says we must face forward while riding in an elevator; people have just come to accept it as a social norm. Needless to say, when someone breaks this norm by standing in the opposite direction, it's going to cause a little bit of discomfort amongst the people who are following in the "correct" way. This video illustrates that people follow these "unwritten laws" because it makes them more comfortable.



Application Sororities have implicit and explicit rules of how the girls are expected to behave through their morals as well as how they carry themselves. They place high values n their belief and their sisterhood. All the members have similar characteristics and common goals.

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