Object permanence

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Object permanence is "the understanding that objects continue to exist even when we do not see or hear them" (Kalat and Shiota, 2007, p.88).


Baby plays with disappearing ball

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJk5ociUGvY Application: This nine month baby shows how his toy continues to exist even after he does not see it. He keeps putting the ball through the hole in the wooden box and he sees it disappear. Once his mother pulls the box out he sees how it suddenly appear and continues to play with it. The baby eventually understands that if he pulls the wooden box out he can get the ball out and continue playing with it. Just because he does not see the ball once it is in the box it does not mean it does not exist.

Baby finds caterpillar

"'Examples'": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFV9ZYPR3ls "'Application'": Baby Toren is playing with a caterpillar toy and as Ryan takes it from him and hides it, Toren looks for the caterpillar. Toren pulls down the book which in covering the caterpillar and locates his toy. This video illustrates how even children acknowledge that items continue to exist even if the don't see the.

Object Permanence

Example: http://youtu.be/lKZ9IPRKkkU Application: In this video, the infant that is one year old has almost mastered object permanence. Her mother shows her a block and then hides it under a white cloth, and the baby removes the cloth and gets the block. The baby understands that the object (the block) continues to exist even when she cannot see it. She knows that the block is simply under the cloth.

5 month kitten displays object permanence

Example: http://youtu.be/aTfvZjixLiA Application: In this video, the 5 month old kitten is displaying object permanence. As the kitten watches the lady lay a rug out, she then notices the lady show her a little black mouse toy. The lady then puts the mouse under the rug, waiting to see how the kitten will respond. Within seconds, you see the kitten approach the rug, lifting it up with its two paws and mouth, and grabs ahold of the mouse.The kitten knew exactly where the mouse toy was, despite the lady hiding it under the rug, and went to retrieve it by lifting up the rug.

3 year old Tyler

Examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8oc0fg8NfI&feature=related

Application: In video Tyler is playing with his stuffed animals. The mother then tells him to look at his stuffed animals. He proceeds to look at them. Then the mother covers them with a blanket and asks him where the animals are at. He lifts up the blanket and uncovers the stuffed animals. By uncovering the stuffed animals he is showing his understanding that objects continue to exist even when we do not see or hear them.

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