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One of the best ways to understand a concept is by examples, so the purpose of this site to provide examples for every concept.

(Alphabetical Listing of All Pages)

Every page contains:

  1. Concept: concise summary of the concept plus sources (such as Wikipedia) if the reader wants more details
  2. Example: links to real-life examples, such as videos, news reports, magazines, pictures, etc.
  3. Application: explanation of how the concept applies to the example

          e.g. Personal space

Although the "Examples" are the fun and interesting aspect of this site, the key benefit is the "Application" because seeing how the essential elements of the concept compare to the facts of the example is how to truly understand a concept (learn more, plus see examples)

The internet is filled with websites that explain "what" (such as what is personal space) but this is an application-based website that allows you to see the concept in action for yourself. For all those websites explaining "what", there should be a website that gives you concrete examples for all of them.

An even better way to understand a concept is by applying examples yourself, so another purpose of this wiki is to allow you to provide your own examples and learn by applying the concept.

To include your own examples:

  1. Find a real-world example (how to)
  2. Locate the concept page or create the page (how to)
  3. Edit the page by clicking "edit" (how to)

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