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Ingratiation is "the process whereby people flatter, praise, and generally try to make themselves likable to another person,often of higher status." (Aronson, Wilson & Akert, 2007, p. 157)

Justin Bieber Fliring with The Boss


Application: In this example, we see how some cartoon character that is a male flirt with his boss so he can be more likable. We see how he uses ingratiation to be more like and so maybe the boss will treat him differently from other workers in the office. It seem like the guy compliments the boss hair, glasses, and other copliments that sound nice to hear for someone that is authority and its in convinience so he can be like and treated differently from everyone else. The boss seems flattered about all of this even if he was just hired and had just told him he was still going to be evaluated on his work. He is just wants to be liked fast so he would probably have an easy going ways around his work place without having to worry about everyone else.

Dave is trying to get hired


Application: In this video, Dave is trying to get hired for a job by speaking with a woman in the field. She is charge of evaluating him, but Dave uses ingratiation a bit more than it was necessary. He tries to make her like him by talking in a more mature voice along with gestures, and face expressions to enhance what he is saying. During the video, he uses words such as "brunette with white teeth" and "elegant". Dave was referring to her because she is an attractive women in his point of view. Though these words can affect the way she sees him as a person and as part of who she needs to evaluate.

Other situations in which this term can relate to the video are first dates,and when a student meets up with a professor at their office hours. Notice that in first dates, one person tends to be more expressive than the other at times, and that is mostly because they are trying to give a good first impression. When a student is going to visit their professor at their office for the fist time it tends to be similar because they want to be liked. In this case, the professor is considered as the "higher status." Both of these situations want to be liked by the person they are conversing with.

chandler's work laugh



In this episode of Friends Chandler tries to make himself likable to his boss by laughing at his jokes even though he does not think they are funny. He comes up with a ridiculous laugh which his friends are not aware of and is then confronted by his girlfriend and is made aware of his ingratiation towards his boss.

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